lchi Ni Nana – Bewegbares Glasdach „SolaGlide“ in Melbourne

lchi Ni Nana is a new Japanese restaurant in Fitzroy Melbourne Australia. It features a Libart SolaGlide Glass retractable roof with excellent acoustic and solar properties. Town Planning of the redevelopment from „The Old Colonial“ hotel revamped to this new hotel with bars and restaurant on the condition of reducing noise pollution. This was positively handled with Libart Retracting glass roof
The concept of Indoor comfort and outdoor freedom was practically executed at this cafe where the customers are delighted to enjoy the sunlight and fresh air in a good weather and most important is to make them feel comfortable like a home when the weather is not suitable. 
Creating a most comfortable environment with a neat acoustic touch in your commercial space is only possible with Libart Retracting glass roof. This project sets the example for the café industry that if you want your business to be seen different in the eyes of your clients and they won’t forget you after their first visit; you have to think creative and blend nature in your environment. 
Strong aluminum profiles of Solaglide and innovative technology provide excellent thermal and weather insulation for all climates. Thermal-broken mullions, insulated glass panels and structurally bonded to frames with extensive weather sealant components assure your safety and comfort. Main mullions, frames, gutters are manufactured from electrostatically baked-on power painted aluminum profiles. 
Commercial business owners who want to increase their revenue by operating round a year should contact us for the idea about How retracting glass roofs and vertical retracting windows and doors make it possible.
Name: Ichi Ni Nana
Location: Melbourne / Australia
Solution: Restaurant & Cafe
Products: Retractable Skylights / Roofs
Size: 7380 x 8510 (w)
Glazing: Accoustic Glass 6mm T + 12mm Argon + 4mm/4mm laminated